Added a New Page to my Website


Hi, and welcome to the 2nd day of Fall! Even though it’s 92 degrees here in Texas today!

I wanted to share that I’ve added a new page to my website. It’s titled “fitness.”

I’ve been a personal trainer for 13 years and I’ve recently started in home personal training for the ladies in the city I live in. I’m training women who are 50+.

When you move into your 50’s, if you haven’t continually exercised right into your 50’s, your muscles begin to take longer to respond to exercise due to a reduction in size and loss of muscle fiber. As muscles shrink and lose mass, they lose tone, and become stiff and sore.

Strength training can replace lost muscle, increase your metabolism, and prevent obesity and diabetes, which is a significant health issue for women over 50.

With my new fitness page, I’ll share bone building exercises that are low impact along with nutrition tips and other nuggets that can enhance your physical fitness.

You have to work the muscles and the muscles work the bone and that’s what stimulates new bone growth. Bones grow through pulling forces, which is what strength training does.

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with happiness, health and love.



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Disconnect and Reconnect

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You may find yourself wrapped up in discord when you look outwardly at so many things that are going on. Emotions may run high which affect how you feel, how you act and how you react.

This is when you ought to take time to disconnect and reconnect to who you are. Sit quietly and release the negative feelings that are flowing/rising up within you. Let them go, one by one. And as you do so, remember who YOU are. Your highest self, your divine being is love, pure love and that IS who YOU are!

Breathe in love, unity, harmony, peace, happiness, joy, abundance, in one accord. Breathe out discord, uncertainty, fear, sadness, worry.

You will begin to reconnect to your soul, your true self. You remember that things can only begin to change from within, from the space where you are connected, hooked-up to the highest power there is. And this power can move mountains. You recall that this is who you are, who you desire to always be.

Begin to offer up ten things you are truly grateful, thankful for in your life today. Take a deep breath in, and slowly exhale with each thought you are thanking life for right now.

You will feel the shift back into alignment with your source. Once you are reconnected to your true self, you can once again choose which thoughts and feelings you are going to allow back into your mind. YOU control how you feel, how you think, how you act, and how you react.

Cease looking outwardly at the “things” that are trying to divide us and always go within to connect to your soul. See through the eyes of God, who is pure unadulterated love, which is who you are, and hang onto this truth. And tell yourself, “I am that I am.”

Live in love, light and peace. This is what the world needs and it’s what you need. We can make a difference when we unite in love.

Love always,


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My Reset Button…

Molecular Thoughts  On this journey of mine through life, I continually evolve into a deeper space of enlightenment. Not only is it super freeing, it’s also revealing more “stuff” that’s still programmed in my subconscious mind. Just like the onion, I’m still peeling layers away.

One morning while I was meditating, I had this moment of clarity regarding the mind. Everything is a condition of the mind. Then my thoughts took me back to when I attended church, many years ago. I recalled hearing these words, “Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind.” WOW! These were powerful, truthful, freeing words to me!

Since becoming enlightened through this pilgrimage, I’ve learned that I have the power within me to control how I feel and think. And, how you feel and think creates your life, your path, and your journey. So it’s extremely important to control your thoughts and feelings. It’s of utmost importance to stay aligned with who you are because this is a guide that greatly helps you to focus on keeping your thoughts and feelings positive.

Well, when I had this moment of clarity regarding the mind, it took me to an even deeper level of understanding just how much power we truly possess, and it starts with the mind.

I have been so focused on how I think and feel, without realizing it; I haven’t always started with the mind. I think the mind should be first, because what you think and feel follow. For me, the awareness was glorious!

You see, negative thoughts will enter into your mind, your thoughts, and these thoughts will affect how you feel. Now, the second part in my moment of clarity was when I thought, “You know, I just have to be crazy enough not to believe all those negative things that come into my mind. I CAN just hit my reset button in my mind and poof, I get to start over and put positive thoughts and feelings into action, I get to choose.”

I’ve been aware for a long time of the power of my thoughts and feelings. With that said, I decided that each morning before I even get out of bed, I’m going to TELL my feelings how to feel. So, each morning I say, “Feelings, you can feel however you want to, but I am going to feel good! I am choosing to feel fantastic all day long.”

And you know what? It is working quite nicely! I also speak to my feelings throughout the day so they know who is in charge… ME! It’s as though I am taking those negative thoughts that enter into my mind and just laughing at them because I know they aren’t real, not to me, not any longer.

I am learning how to be the spiritual master of my mind, which in turn allows me to control my thoughts and feelings in a way that promotes who I am. This is my renewal of the mind, my reset button.

Some very beautiful things have come to fruition very quickly for me since I’ve had this epiphany and it all starts with the mind. I hit my reset button of my mind the moment I begin to feel any slight shift in any area of my mind. I am so very tuned into the power that I possess, and I am completely immersed in being one with God.

I’m learning that all that truly matters is how I am. Not how external things are. Remembering that I am is the name of God, this is a super, wow, freeing feeling, and a most beautiful truth! I am owning my truth and the power of who I am because I deserve the best… I am God’s child!

Everything I just shared with you is for YOU! YOU DESERVE THE BEST, so let today be the day of your accepting the goodness of God. Everything you and I desire is already ours. We just need to claim it by verbally, visually, and emotionally seeing it, feeling it, and then claim it! It is yours by Divine right!

With much love,


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Be True To Who You Are…

To live authentically, you must be true to who you are. For so many years, I lived my life trying to please everyone around me and basing my self-worth on the approval of others. It was not only unfulfilling, it was exhausting! I was so unhappy and I ignored any intuitive thoughts that would rise up from within me. I just pushed them back down. I simply didn’t believe in myself enough to value my own thoughts and opinions that would try to peek through and grab my attention. I relied on the direction of others. I would truly say I had low to no self-esteem.

It took a breakthrough which at the time felt more like a break down to realize my self-worth and begin to listen to my feelings, to my thoughts, to my desires, to my true self. I am so grateful for the enlightenment that I experienced many years ago because today I am able to live my life being true to who I am.

The most beautiful gift you can give yourself is to love yourself! It sounds simple and it is, however it took me a long time to understand that and to live it. The most wonderful time in my life was when I connected to who I am and felt a love for myself that I had never known. It was at this place where I began to truly love others with an agape love, the type of love that God has for each one of us. It’s living in the space connected to your soul, your eternal self, who you really are.

You and I are so unique and we should celebrate the beauty of our uniqueness! We are all so different in a most amazing, beautiful way. Let’s embrace and come together honoring one another and welcoming the very special gifts and talents that are as special as you are!

“This above all, to thine own self be true.” Always be true to who you are because you are a magnificent being and you are a gift to the world.

With much love,


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Follow Your Bliss…

As you move along on your journey through life, do you make it a priority to sit quietly and meditate on a daily basis? It’s in these moments that you are tuned into your highest self and can hear the calling from within to follow your bliss, to turn your dream into reality and how to do it. It’s true that when you follow your bliss, the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls before. And, you will fearlessly move forward in connecting to what genuinely makes you happy fueled by a vivacious inner strength.

Are you ready to follow your bliss? What are you waiting for? You have everything you need within you right now to make your dreams come true!

With much love,


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A New Beginning

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Spring is a lovely time of the year and you and I receive the most amazing gift!  The gift of  observing the beauty in nature as the trees begin to bud with new leaves, the flowers begin to bloom, the grass begins to grow and turns a delightful shade of green. Everywhere you look, you can see a new beginning in all of nature. It touches my heart in a most meaningful way.

It’s truly a new beginning for you too! What is serving you well in your life? What isn’t? Take this opportunity to embrace your new beginning. Let go of everything that is holding you back from blossoming into who you really are. Take a walk in a park, find a bench where you can sit and meditate on what shifts you want to make in your life that brings harmony, peace, joy, and genuine happiness to your soul on a daily basis. The goal is to live in alignment with your highest self.

I like the saying, “The best is yet to come” because as you continually evolve on this incredible journey through life, like the layers of an onion, you are slowly peeling off the many layers who you thought you were and reconnecting to who you really are. It’s so refreshing and exhilarating!

You are a beautiful soul with a fire burning from within to live your life to the fullest, embracing each new day with great enthusiasm and excitement knowing that there will never be another day like this one. Today is as unique as you are! Be passionate about today and welcome with open arms, your new beginning.

With much love,


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Nourish Your Soul


It is so important to take care of yourself, to nourish your spirit and your soul. Connecting with people that are like minded and to the things that lift you up, soulfully speaking, feels so good! It keeps you centered and focused on what you desire to manifest into your life.

This is exactly why I started my online store, I offer items that do just that. My home and my office are filled with uplifting, soulful items that speak to my heart. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the store, please take a moment to do so.

Wishing you a day filled with great joy and bliss!

With much love,



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Choose Love over Fear


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You Are Worthy


I hope you watched the video I posted on July 16th, as this post is a follow up to that video. In this first video, I shared my very personal story of how I went from feeling worthless to feeling and knowing that I am worthy.

I shared this with you because we all seem to be challenged at times with our limiting beliefs. Feelings of insecurity, self worth, self esteem, self image, negative thoughts and feelings, our self talk.

I’m going to share some techniques that you can implement into your daily life that will purge those limiting beliefs that have kept you from living your life with an overflowing abundance of joy, peace and bliss. You reshape a new and improved belief system about who you are. You believe, feel and know that you are worthy of everything that you desire.

Each morning look into a mirror as you claim 5 to 10 things you are grateful for, and say them out loud. There is power in your words, so in voicing what you are thankful for, you are claiming them, owning them. I suggest that you say them several times as you are looking into the mirror. The more you say it, the more momentum you are building from within. This is very powerful. You will feel the shift happening within you. It’s amazing how much better you will feel in doing this.

Keep in the forefront of your thoughts those things that you are grateful/thankful for. Throughout the day, say them again. When you start to feel something within you that you know isn’t a positive feeling, quickly state one or more of the gratitude thoughts that you have been thinking about during the day. You will find that the negative feeling is gone and you are feeling blissful once more.

You will know by how you feel whether you are in harmony with your creator, or in discord. It’s all about how you feel. If you feel anything other than happy, content, joyful, and at peace, you know that you aren’t in alignment with the Divine. It is crucial that you tune into how you feel so that the moment you feel a negative thought or feeling enter into your thoughts, you have a technique to implement.

You and I were designed to live in harmony and bliss with God. The Divine doesn’t waver, we do. So in order to get back in sync as quickly as possible, you must be cognizant at all times about how you are feeling.

Before you go to sleep, say once more out loud the things you are grateful for. It’s the end of your day and this nurture’s your spirit and your soul as you fall asleep pondering the good in your day, in your life.

Make this a daily habit, one that you carry with you throughout the day, and the end of the day as well. You will quickly transform your belief system into one that serves you very well. This transformation brings you a genuine sense of feeling and knowing how worthy you are.

With much love,






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