A New Beginning

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Spring is a lovely time of the year and you and I receive the most amazing gift!  The gift of  observing the beauty in nature as the trees begin to bud with new leaves, the flowers begin to bloom, the grass begins to grow and turns a delightful shade of green. Everywhere you look, you can see a new beginning in all of nature. It touches my heart in a most meaningful way.

It’s truly a new beginning for you too! What is serving you well in your life? What isn’t? Take this opportunity to embrace your new beginning. Let go of everything that is holding you back from blossoming into who you really are. Take a walk in a park, find a bench where you can sit and meditate on what shifts you want to make in your life that brings harmony, peace, joy, and genuine happiness to your soul on a daily basis. The goal is to live in alignment with your highest self.

I like the saying, “The best is yet to come” because as you continually evolve on this incredible journey through life, like the layers of an onion, you are slowly peeling off the many layers who you thought you were and reconnecting to who you really are. It’s so refreshing and exhilarating!

You are a beautiful soul with a fire burning from within to live your life to the fullest, embracing each new day with great enthusiasm and excitement knowing that there will never be another day like this one. Today is as unique as you are! Be passionate about today and welcome with open arms, your new beginning.

With much love,



About I am Alice

If anyone would have asked me three years ago if I had ever considered writing books, I would have promptly answered, "No." Today, it is a very natural feeling to write. I suppose since I enjoy talking so much, and I mean a lot, it should not have surprised me! I love communicating through writing as I feel completely united with my soul and my thoughts flow, often times as well as tears as I am altogether emerged in that feeling, in that moment. Check out the "About Alice" page to find out why I titled this site, "I am Alice" and why, "It Feels Good To Be ME."
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