Be the Change


I truly love this quote by Mahatma Gandhi.  There is great truth in this simple and powerful statement.  I believe that if we are to make a difference in our world, it must start with you and with me.

What changes can we make?  I would like to offer this thought:  Anything that disconnects you from your highest authentic self should be altered at once.

For example, one change that could be implemented right away is to cease talking about other people.  The moment you become aware of this action and stop yourself from doing this, you have united with your highest self, which is honoring not only who you are but the other person as well.

Each one of us must look within ourselves to see what changes we can make that will raise our level of consciousness so we may live authentically.  Meditate on the improvements you desire to make in your life.  Set your intention on making those changes and as a result you will transform in a way that bestows a beautiful gift of living connected to your soul as your heart overflows with gratitude and love.

It’s at this place where we can see the soul of one another.  This oneness WILL change our world.  In doing so, we stay adjoined to our source.

With much love,



About I am Alice

If anyone would have asked me three years ago if I had ever considered writing books, I would have promptly answered, "No." Today, it is a very natural feeling to write. I suppose since I enjoy talking so much, and I mean a lot, it should not have surprised me! I love communicating through writing as I feel completely united with my soul and my thoughts flow, often times as well as tears as I am altogether emerged in that feeling, in that moment. Check out the "About Alice" page to find out why I titled this site, "I am Alice" and why, "It Feels Good To Be ME."
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3 Responses to Be the Change

  1. Joan says:

    My favorite quote is this one you have just shared, Alice!
    ~ Namasté

    (Namasté is the recognition that we are all equal and share a common divinity.)

  2. I am Alice says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is definitely one of my favorite’s as well. Namasté 🙂

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