Living Authentically…

photo-708  It was in the Spring of 2012 that I united with my authentic self. I genuinely wanted to live my life by faith, but I must admit that taking the first step was the hardest. The release of my ego and the birthing of my authentic self happened simultaneously, and in that moment it was my faith that transcended me through, as I could not see past the first step.

Once that first step was taken, I had been transformed and eager to be guided by the God within me. That’s the total transformation that has taken place in me! I liken it to child birth. For me anyway, as excited as I was for my daughter to enter into this world, there was a part of me that did not look forward to the process that had to take place to make way for her arrival.

Birthing is a painful process, but the instant you are greeted with the miracle that has just taken place, you no longer dwell on the pain of the birth. You marvel at the joy the birth has brought into your life.

We are infinite beings having a human experience, and as Deepak Chopra says, “There is a spiritual solution to every problem.” Before we were born, we were infinite beings and when our time here on Earth is gone, we will return to where we came from as an infinite being. Any problem that we may have is resolved with a spiritual solution. Seeking answers from our highest self and not the ego self.

“You do not have any problems, you only think you do. Our problems are things we carry around inside of us. Spiritual is a way of being, a way of living, unconditional love. Become quiet and feel your contact with God- you will feel at peace, you will feel kindness living these principles.” An excerpt from a Course in Miracles.

If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to release the ego and embrace living authentically, from your highest self, as this is where genuine inner peace and happiness is found.

With much love,



About I am Alice

If anyone would have asked me three years ago if I had ever considered writing books, I would have promptly answered, "No." Today, it is a very natural feeling to write. I suppose since I enjoy talking so much, and I mean a lot, it should not have surprised me! I love communicating through writing as I feel completely united with my soul and my thoughts flow, often times as well as tears as I am altogether emerged in that feeling, in that moment. Check out the "About Alice" page to find out why I titled this site, "I am Alice" and why, "It Feels Good To Be ME."
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