Shape Your Life Into What You Desire


Neville Goddard said, “The word potter means imagination.”  I agree with this statement because, I believe the imagination is where you and your infinite being have the most freedom to entwine, to create through the imagination, which is where it all begins.  If you restrict your soul from this attachment, you are isolating and limiting the direct link your soul depends upon.  When you confine or limit your soul, it becomes despondent.

It’s important to stay connected to this part of who you are.  Like clay, continue to rework, molding and shaping what you want in your life.  Get into the essence of what it would feel like to already have what it is you are visualizing. Continually visualize it, and as you do, you become a magnet to manifesting what you desire, bringing it to fruition.

As I continue to grow on my spiritual pilgrimage, I’ve become aware that it’s vital to not limit God, the universe.  Let me share an example with you of what I mean.  When my husband and I decided that we wanted to live in France, we didn’t specifically state where in France we wanted to live.  I began visualizing living my life there.  I got into the essence of what a day in France would feel like and be like for me, yet didn’t attach to a specific location.

My husband found a lovely little village three hours away from Paris, by car, and the pictures he showed me were amazing.  There were flowers everywhere and it was very green.  The village had only 1,200 people in it, and it was a tourist town for the French people, few people outside of France were aware of it.

We made plans to fly over to France, to visit this little village and then decide if this is where we wanted to live.  We planned to be in France for 14 days, as this would give us ample time to secure a place to live. When we arrived, people were surprised that we were so excited about this beautiful town.  A lot of people asked us two questions: “How did you find Bagnoles de l’Orne?” and “Why here?”  I think most people thought that two Americans moving to France would choose a place more like Paris to live, rather than a small tourist town away from the big metropolitan city.

Here’s the answer we gave everyone: “We, (Gary), found this charming little town on Google.” They replied: “Google???” We absolutely fell in love with this beautiful part of the world.  It feels like heaven on earth to us.

We arrived with no expectation other than what we saw on Google, oh and one youtube video about the spas this town is known for.  This little village is more beautiful than anything I could have even imagined! It is perfect for us and we love it there!

In closing, as you mold and shape your life the way you want it to be, remember that all you have to do is put it out into the universe, claim it right away, as though it has already happened, and feel what it is like to have this desire already in your life.  See yourself the way you want it to be and have a very clear image of what you want in your life. I know it sounds easy, but truthfully, it is…. You can shape your life with your imagination into anything you want.

With much love,



About I am Alice

If anyone would have asked me three years ago if I had ever considered writing books, I would have promptly answered, "No." Today, it is a very natural feeling to write. I suppose since I enjoy talking so much, and I mean a lot, it should not have surprised me! I love communicating through writing as I feel completely united with my soul and my thoughts flow, often times as well as tears as I am altogether emerged in that feeling, in that moment. Check out the "About Alice" page to find out why I titled this site, "I am Alice" and why, "It Feels Good To Be ME."
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2 Responses to Shape Your Life Into What You Desire

  1. Star says:

    Good day to you, Alice! What a delightful story you share here and I agree … we can create the life we desire! You did it and we can too… thanks for this uplifting message! Your Spirit Shines … which brings a smile to my heart.

  2. I am Alice says:

    Hi Star, Thanks so much for taking time to share your thoughts… I truly appreciate you doing so. I feel your spirit and you are a bright light in this world… Thank you for bringing joy into my life as well as the many lives you touch everyday. Love, Alice

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